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Office Number Four

Mar 27, 2007

This is where I’m at right now.  It’s called "office number four." 


I have eight actually…

…which is one of the nice thing about being a mobile worker.  You can work anytime ANYWHERE and be just as productive – and in my case, even MORE productive when it comes to focusing on things like writing and studying – which is almost next to impossible for me to do in my main office. 

For me, there are a lot of benefits to mobile working.  Here are a few of them…

1.  Less distractions.  Working off-site allows me to disconnect my brain from the "everyday" stuff that easily takes way too much of my time.  (Believe me, it is to EVERYONE’S advantage that I stay out of as much of that stuff as possible.  Just ask our team!)

2.  Different scenery.  My ADD really appreciates this.  Being in a different environment helps a lot with my creativity and ability to think differently about certain things. 

3.  Happier staff.  They tend to get a lot more work done when I’m not around.  :)

4.  Lots-o-coffee!  All of my offices have GREAT coffee!  And the one I’m at today (an indy) has FREE refills and FREE wiFi.

5.  Cheap rent.  Eight offices and the only thing I pay for rent is the price of the coffee.  And if it’s Starbucks, the @#&! cost of the WiFi.  But still, not bad!

Of course, working off-site is something I consider not only a necessity for me, but a real privilege.  At the same time, I also realize that NOTHING can replace good, solid eyeball to eyeball time with our team and others.  So there’s obviously a balance with it all.  I try to be around my main office enough to coach, connect and contribute to creative meetings, staff meetings and whatever else.  But yet – away enough to keep my head out of the day to day tasks that tends to mess with my head and on the big picture of where we’re headed.  (Of course, having a great assistant and support staff helps BIG TIME with this!

And no.  I’m not telling you my location.  :)

What about you?  Are you a mobile worker?  Where do you thrive?

10 Responses to “Office Number Four”

  1. Stephanie says:

    I recently became a consultant with Mary Kay cosmetics. I have the ability to be a mobile worker for office work, but I haven’t worked any where else for paperwork and calls other than my house. I am looking forward to being able to do that though. I just have to get what I need for my computer, so I can take advantage of free wi-fi.

  2. anne jackson says:

    When I need to get work done, I hit my office-office. It’s kind of nice, our whole communications team has the third floor of our building to ourself, which includes the “work room” where we blow up peeps in the microwave and play guitar hero. I am a laser-focused attention kind of person. So even though I have a laptop personally, when I need to get freelance work done, I still come up to my office.
    When it is brainstorming work or writing, I carry a journal around in my bag because I never know where I will be when something hits. Last night, it was stuck in traffic on Central Expressway in Dallas on a way to a movie. Fortunately, my husband was driving and for half an hour I was able to scribble thoughts on Unity in the church (which is now converted to bits and bytes on my blog).
    So…official “work” and freelance – my one office at the church.
    Unofficial brainstorm, random notes, inspirations…wherever I am at the time. Ink and paper are heavenly.

  3. I find that my best work is typically done EARLY in the morning before I leave home, and later in the afternoon… at the coffee shop (Main Street Coffee)which has FREE wifi!
    I have encouraged our Management Team to discover the creativity zone outside of the office too!
    Great “call” on maintaining balance… I discovered the need for such by NOT being balanced…
    Eight offices? Dude…

  4. Flaviu Pop says:

    best reflecting and brainstorming time for me too. out-of-office rocks!!! is Starbucks ever going to go FREE WiFi????

  5. edith Zepeda says:

    Well I work with kids so I dont need an office just a playground for them to run around like maniacs. I am however spending more time journaling and working on me with such books as “Power of a Praying Parent”, And “Your Best Life Now.”So you may be on to something maybe I should get myself a few study offices. Thanks for the great suggestion!

  6. Dolores Cadena says:

    Hey Scott, our Subway in Sugar Grove has free high speed internet. have lunch and work all you want for free. Sorry, there’s not a Starbucks in Sugar Grove yet….

  7. Earl says:

    Okay, accountability time… You were using a table for 5 people! WOW, you must really buy a lot of coffee there!
    I was at office number 3 today. No, I’m not telling you either. Yes, free refills.

  8. Joni says:

    Is there ANYWAY a stay at home mom could tele-commute? Wouldn’t it be awesome to (legally) be somewhere else now & then and iChat instructions and discipline to the kids while having coffee? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Fortunately, I have a husband who gives me blocks of time as gifts to go and clear my head or actually FIND it! I also go to a health club (thank you God for the tax refund) that will watch the kids while I work out and unwind in the sauna. So I guess that’s kind of mobile working.

  9. I know you’re a die-hard SBUX fan, but I’m sold on indy coffee shops; almost without exception I always enjoy the coffee and the atmosphere more. And they usually have free wifi.
    That and I have a lingering, deep-seated anti-starbucks bias dating back to my days as an anti-establishment hippie-punk. ;-)
    I do on-site tech support, so mobile working is, unfortunately, not an option at this point.

  10. Carlos says:

    Starbucks. At least 1 and a half hours a day.

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