Scott Hodge


One of THOSE Days…

Dec 13, 2005

This is the scene on my desk as of 9:59am. 


Not good…..

10 Responses to “One of THOSE Days…”

  1. angie says:

    You crack me up!

  2. David W says:

    I think we are going to have to check you into the Juan Valdez clinic.

  3. You’ll go to sleep sometime on Thursday…

  4. Matt says:

    The irony is that 2 of the jackets are turned so that they read “Only have once”
    Maybe that’s like the surgeon general’s warning on cigarettes.

  5. Rachel says:

    OOO I got a craving.

  6. Scott says:

    Dude! Try drinking from the same cup – at least that way you will have more desk space and the sight might not freak you out as much. ;-)

  7. Betsy says:

    You need to check this out and see how close you are to your “lethal dose”: Death By Caffeine

  8. Ted says:

    Seriously dude…buy stock in the company!

  9. ooh… that looks familiar.

  10. heather says:

    Wow, Scott….. easy on the coffee. lol. Do they ever give you free drinks for buying so many in one setting? lol. They really should.

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