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One Punk Under God

Dec 6, 2006

Wow, this brought back some memories…  One Punk Under God – it’s a new six week series on the life and ministry of Jay Bakker produced by the Sundance Channel

And yes, THAT Bakker.  Son of Jim and Tammy Bakker.

Believe it or not, my family used to visit Heritage USA (the place his dad built…) regularly when I was a kid.   On one visit in particular, Jay and I became friends.  We ran around the park playing Miami Vice and one time even went to see the famous watermelon smashing comedian, Gallagher.  Some fun memories… 

Watching this last night made me sad.  For a lot of reasons…  Sad for his relationship with his dad.  Sad for all that he has been through.  Sad for how the church treated him and his family.  Sad for all of the people hurt by the "scandal", etc…  In one part of this episode, Jay went back to Heritage USA and went into a bunch of the old, rotted buildings.  Buildings that I remember being in numerous times.  That was sad too…

Click here to download a free episode in iTunes.

2 Responses to “One Punk Under God”

  1. Linda says:

    Other than feeling sad, did you find any redemptive quality? I did read his book a few years back and although sad I loved how he reached out to young outcasts following his rebellious years

  2. Scott,
    Can’t comment on the documentary…haven’t seen it. But I have seen Jay on his dad’s new TV show. I respect who the guy is today. Both Jay and Jim. The Lord used tragedy to mold both into men, I can respect today. Jim’s book “I Was Wrong” was so moving. He is a humble and transformed man. Jay is an inspiration in many ways…showing the body of Christ how to respond when a Leader falls. We failed the bakers in so many ways…Yet I think that period in history has caused us the church to be more sensitive to family when a leader falls. Jay is a great man of God…without the trappings of the 80′s.
    As for the old Heritage property…several Christian ministries are rebuilding it (not as Jesus World) but as bases for the ministries. Two churchs, the cause, and ZHOP are all based there. Love your blog man!

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