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Orchard Music

Oct 30, 2006

Just a quick FYI.

Some of you have asked about the music we do at The Orchard and I’m pleased to share with you that  Mike Jones now posts each week’s music set on The Orchard’s blog.  Thanks Mike!

3 Responses to “Orchard Music”

  1. jason allen says:

    Just curious. I checked out the set list at the Orchard Blog. I saw three songs, is that the whole set for the service any repeats of those songs or anythi8ng? With that what is the rest of your service look like? How long does it run? Like I said, just curious. thanks.

  2. scott hodge says:

    Great question Jason. Every weekend is different. Sort of depends on the journey that we feel like the spirit wants us to take people on for that particular weekend.
    This weekend in particular we had less “live” music and had some video stuff. Typically, we will have around 4 songs during the service – 15 minutes or so up front and then a song before the talk. We will also close with a song from time to time as well.
    Our services last anywhere from 65-75 minutes.

  3. jason allen says:

    Cool, thanks for the info.

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