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Plz help!

Jun 12, 2008

Hey guys, I need your help…

These days, it seems like I'm literally having to reevaluate and restructure my life, schedule, priorities, etc… about every six months or so.  It feels like I just did this a couple of months ago, and suddenly here I am needing to do it again.  This time it's in regards to emails and correspondence. 

Bottom line is….I need to simplify.

So with that said…  I know a lot of you use Facebook to send me messages, etc….  (I've tried to find a way to shut that option off, but I can't seem to figure it out.)  But it would help me out GREATLY, if instead of using Facebook or any other means of message sending, you would please use the email link provided on my ABOUT page. 

However, if you just want to leave a message letting me know how wonderful I am or how good looking I am, etc… please feel free to write that on my wall in Facebook where all of the people – most of whom I really don't know  my close friends can see it.  BUT…if you need to email me a specific question or anything that you are hoping I'll respond to, please use my email.

One more thing…..  If you are requesting me to speak at an event, consult with your church, manage your recently inherited fortune, or interested in the 3 Alpaca's I have for sale, please go ahead and contact my assistant, Terri Casey, directly.  Terri is amazing and does a tremendous job handling all of my scheduling and appointments.  She can be reached at (630) 897-8888 or via email at: terri (AT) orchardvalleyonline (DOT) com. 

Seriously, I really appreciate your help with this! 

PS – One more thing…  While I can't stand appreciate all of the Facebook event and application invites to everyone's events all over the nation and world, please know that while I would be honored to participate in your corn festivals, accept a free aircraft, or join your extreme dance force, this is just not a great season in my life to take on anything extra, so the once or twice a week when I actually log onto Facebook, I'll probably have to decline most of those invitations.  Please do not be offended.  After all, that's my number one goal in life – to offend no one:)

7 Responses to “Plz help!”

  1. Shawn Wood says:

    Man, I am so close to getting rid of facebook…I thought it was cool, but its a great example of something that could be simple gone absolutely wild….

  2. Amen, brotha. I’m about to lose my mind & feel awful when I need to decline/ignore/whatever. Does anyone even know the proper etiquette for stuff like that? [sigh]
    Thanks for speakin’ up

  3. Eh, it’s all what you make it.
    I had to take a [mental] stand on Facebook and block any incoming application requests. I decided long ago that I didn’t want any of that extra stuff on my Facebook page.
    It took me a little bit of time to stop feeling guilty that I ignored and blocked my friend’s ‘Top Friend’ or ‘Scrabble Invitation.’ In the end, though, it’s worth it. Facebook is a great social networking tool. To ME it’s worth the small amount of effort.
    It’s like you pastors always say: “you gotta learn how to say ‘no,’” right? :-)

  4. Jake says:

    Another amen here, Scott. I also just ignore all of those app requests. Afterall, I only use Facebook on my iPhone anyways, so I never see those requests or any of the other junk on there. Ha!
    Facebook is a great little app for the iphone tho when wanting to keep up with the “friends”

  5. Scott I’m a pastor of 26+ years experience, & enjoy Facebook, Flickr & blogging – wot I do is just click on the Always Ignore Invitations button – it blocks all future invites & your ‘very close friends’ never know you’re doing this!! No guilts, too old for that!
    It helps you get on with your life & ministry
    Try – it may help as well
    Bless ya

  6. Todd And says:

    Hey Scott, I just sent you a Facebook message to let you know what I think of this post. :)

  7. Dave Ingland says:

    Scott, the funny thing is that no matter how much you notify others of this, there are still going to be people that only contact you through social networking sites such as facebook.
    Of course, your close friends and known associates will probably use email and that’s probably more efficient for you anyways. If someone doesn’t respond to me on facebook I have no problem, but if someone ignores my email then I get a little bent as it becomes personal :)

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