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Nov 26, 2005


A week or two ago I finally figured out how to get my iPod to sync correctly with iTunes, so now I’m subscribing to a handfull of podcasts.  Here’s my current subscription list.  Some update daily, others weekly.

Blogging Church
Church of the Customer podcast
Detoit Jazz Stage
Documentary Archive from the BBC
Eat Feed (Anne Bramley)
Mosiac (Erwin McManus)
NPR: 10AM News Summary
NPR: 7PM News Summary
NPR: Books
NPR: Food
NPR: Religion
NPR: Story of the Day

On The Media (NPR & WNYC)
RELEVANT Magazine (just to make sure it works right…)
Slate Explainer Podcast (not sure I’ll keep this one – just checking it out)
The Orchard Podcast (the church where I pastor)
this WEEK in TECH

Which podcasts am I missing that I need to be listening to?  Share your favorites!

3 Responses to “Podcasts”

  1. A few others you might like:
    Creative Pastors (Fellowship Church)
    Family News in Focus
    My fave tech podcasts are:
    This Week in Tech
    Security Now! with Steve Gibson
    My fave church podcasts are:
    Blogging Church
    Healing Place Church
    Creative Pastors

  2. Jason Breda says:

    I’m telling ya…get a Mac and all your Windowesque-hacking-security-syncing troubles will be OVER.
    Plus, your cool factor would go WAY UP…..not that you are not the definition of cool already.

  3. TWIT is great. Merlin Mann’s 43 folders is great too. There’s this guy who does a “Hodgecast” that is pretty good also.

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