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Prayers of the Saints Week One Photos

Oct 11, 2010

2 Responses to “Prayers of the Saints Week One Photos”

  1. Roseann says:

    Mike and I went to breakfast after the 9 AM service and he commented on it feeling a little Catholic. I said,no,we would know if we were at a Mass,then we both recited EVERY word that is repeated between the priest and the parishioner. (it’s ingrained in memory forever!) lol. It did bring back some good memories of some of the visuals such as stained glass and candles that I’ve always missed. I especially miss banners and liturgical colors of the church calendar year like Advent and Lent which always added to the worship experience,but the most important aspect of worship is Jesus being lifted up and He is EVERY Sunday! Great message on St.Francis’ prayer.. The only thing that I wish I would have stayed for at the end was to see what the picture was that the woman was painting….

  2. Joni Ruhs says:

    Oh man we were out of town this weekend! Had a great family visit but would have loved to have been there. Will have to “settle” for podcast!

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