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Jan 11, 2006

I’m drooling.  And oh so happy that I didn’t purchase the Powerbook 6 months ago


The MacBook Pro

Thanks to some help from Intel, this thing is four times faster than the Powerbook.

Definitely on my radar…

9 Responses to “Prrrrrrrr…….”

  1. Martin Leeuwner says:

    Told my wife the same thing last night. Anyone want a good condition G4 1Ghz. he he :)

  2. Justin says:

    Yeah, but “MacBook Pro”? You’d think that a creative company like Apple would’ve thought of a name that’s a little more appealing.
    Maybe it’s the Irish uncle of the Powerbook.

  3. Drool for a few months until version 1.x gets shipped and people have a real world chance to figure it all out and break it. Then in the updated version, you’ll have a much better product and maybe even the price will come down. I’m awaiting my next MacMall Catalogue to show up in the mail with some specifics on just what a great deal this will be.

  4. I’m with Justin – absolutely horrible name. MacBook Sounds like something McDonalds puts in the Big Kids meal.
    I’m so glad they didn’t make a 17 inch model yet. It makes me feel ok about having bought one in December.

  5. Dave says:

    They may have to make it in two sizes, The Big Mac, and the quarter pounder…
    (i know groan :-| )

  6. Dave Davis says:

    I got to mess with it yesterday and OH BABY is it fast! I very rarely notice speed changes in hardware, but this thing will change your life!. The name is lame, but like all mac products it will catch on and find its way to SNL. My favorite thing is the magnetic plug…so you wont ever rip your PB off a starbucks table again!
    Dave Davis

  7. EH says:

    Here is a blog with a reference to wait buying the MacBook. I wonder what would be cooler though!

  8. angie says:

    hmmm…not a lot of female imput on this topic! I mean I don’t have any either, I just like to see what you guys have to say! I don’t even own a computer!

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