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Oct 26, 2007


Hey Mac addicts – how many of you are upgrading to Leopard this weekend? 

Those of you who are – how are you doing it?  Clean install?  If so, what’s the easiest way to do that?

PS – Any of you Chicago folks going to be standing in line at the Oak Brook Apple store tonight?  Not that I am…  Just wondering.  :)

14 Responses to “Prrrrrrrrr….”

  1. Huebner says:

    I will save you a spot in the front of the line at Oakbrook :)
    I am going to backup my system and do the upgrade…not clean install. If I have issues, then I will clean install after.

  2. adrian says:

    this is the reason i might jump shifts and get a mac with this os. Had a sneek peak at a apple seminar and MAN is it sweet if you do pic it up do a clean install this way no confilcts and will run smoother. Enjoy :)
    PS Are Mac’s that GOOD??

  3. Chris Baker says:

    I’ll be upgrading! Should be at home when I get there…hopefully. Silly FedEx. Thats another story. You can do a clean install or you can do a “Archive and Install” – I think there calling it a in-place update. Which would be fine for anyone with a previous version of OS X. This option requires nothing more than putting the install CD in and checking the upgrade option (Archive and Install) and will do all the necessary stuff for you. If you want to do a clean install, you will probably need a external drive that is mountable on your OS X system. The easiest way is to drag all your user folders (The ones named after each of your accounts) over to the external hard drive. Reboot your machine with the install CD and select Clean install. Let it do its thing… Set up your primary account, I’d say keep it the same as what it was (ex. scotthodge) and when everything is done, just drag the contents of your user folder over into the new one. Plus any other accounts. Is this making sense? I would then reboot your machine and you should be good to go. There may be some minor things to adjust. You can also go here: – I will be doing a Archive and Install on my machine. Seems to be the easiest and quickest way. Note: if you do the clean install and you move your user accounts. Depending on how much stuff you have….it could take a hour or two to copy. Hope that helps.

  4. Kell Jacobsen says:

    Sure I will be upgrading to Leopard.
    How? Clean install.. But before I erase my disk I will take a full backup (bootable) to an external drive using SuperDuper… That way I will be able to boot to Tiger in case I miss anything… You can’t do that on a windows system…

  5. It appears that a clean install works wonders for this upgrade. Not installing myself today. Maybe next week or so.

  6. kenny eicher says:

    I’m going to wait a few months to let you guys work out the bugs. It’s not that ground-breaking of an upgrade to warrant standing in line on the release day.

  7. David says:

    I’m not going to this weekend but I will probably in a few weeks. I’m going to do a full backup of my Mac and then wipe the drive and reinstall.
    The reason I do this is that just like everything computers need to every once in a while get a full top to bottom clean up. There’s demos that are installed that don’t work. There are things I’ve deleted but parts are still lingering in different spots taking up space.
    I try to do a good clean install once a year because of this.

  8. -Justin- says:

    I am heading out the door in a few minutes to pick up a copy of Leopard. I have been looking into Clean Install for a couple of days, but I’m thinking that I’ll just Archive and Install. Besides, I can always go back and clean install if I have any problems.

  9. S. Pihlaja says:

    I’m not. I can’t. I won’t. Please, Steve Jobs! Stop seducing me! STOP!!!

  10. T says:

    Oh yeah! Gotta love the leopard! I work at the Apple store in Deer Park, IL – good stuff!! I haven’t had time to install it on my MacBook – but I hope to get around to it this weekend.
    Laters -

  11. Hi Scott,
    Just finished updating to Leopard. Did an archive and install and everything worked great. Just added you to my mail rss feed.

  12. Tyler says:

    I can’t wait for this thing. I’ll probably be a week or so behind everybody else getting it, but I messed up and watched a promo for it again today. Now I’m going to be coveting big time for the next week.

  13. Joe Case says:

    Got mine today at 9:22 a.m. – delivered by FedEx. Just got it installed and it’s humming along. Haven’t had time to figure out the new stuff yet, but I will.
    I love new toys!!
    Joe Case

  14. Chris Baker says:

    According to your Twitter status you gave in! I just got it up and running now re-installing stuff. I gave in a did a clean install. Hope you enjoy. It looks pretty sweet so far. Only think I had problem with was unmounting a disk image. Maybe it was just my computer being dumb. But I got it unmounted in Disk Utility.

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