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Apr 19, 2007

Planning to be at Q next week in Atlanta?  Leave a comment or shoot an email.  I’ll be there.

What is Q?

Q is a gathering for leaders in the church to become informed and
exposed to future-culture. It is a space where select leaders can
create, dialogue, collaborate, innovate, serve and ideate around the
important topics shaping the church

17 Responses to “Q”

  1. will you remember to check and see if there is going to be audio available? I sure wish I could go but as you know my schedule says no.
    Have you read Breaking the Missional Code by Stetzer.
    See ya buddy!

  2. Los says:

    Dude. Am I late on this boat or what? That looks amazing.

  3. man that sounds class, really wih i could go to that…

  4. emma says:

    I remember seeing the website for this a while ago and thinking, “man, i wish i could be there!” So, enjoy it, and blog lots of thoughts from it so we can kind-of at least pretend we were there!

  5. This looks exciting! Please make sure to post all the great information that you learn. I am looking forward to learning a lot through your experience.
    Have a wonderful time! Is Amanda going with you? Are you going to get to see her Aunt?
    See you later man!

  6. Andrew says:

    DO NOT miss T Bone Burnett’s presentation. I was seriously tempted to fork out the conference registration fee just to attend his talk.

  7. You’ve gotta catch my buddy KK. :)

  8. Josh Scott says:

    I’m attending the conference. Would love to meet. Grab coffee or just chat between services.

  9. Gary says:

    Not attending but REALLY looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

  10. Flaviu says:

    wish i could go, man. i hope you do what Tony did with Drive 06. Notes typed up all the way, all out for those who couldn’t make it. don’t you forget about us!!! we love you, man. i’ll have to catch you next time you are in the ATL area. starbucks on me.

  11. Moo Goo Hoo Cahoo says:

    Hey, while you’re down there you can stick around for Unscripted on the 28th. Ron Jeremy & Stryper. Now THERE is some culture shaping for ya!

  12. djchuang says:

    Hey Scott, I’ll be at the Q, hope to meet you! I’m going to have to wear my blogger t-shirt, and my StrengthsFinder themes t-shirt too :)

  13. Jeff says:

    Hey bro. Thanks for the post. I would love to hear your comments after the event, so we can make sure to always make it more effective. Make sure you find me and introduce yourself. Pumped your joining us!

  14. Daniel says:

    Can you rig a live feed and broadcast it through your blog? (kidding)

  15. djchuang says:

    Daniel, I’ll do the next best thing — planning on live-blogging the Q.

  16. Chris McAlister says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for about a year. I’m one of those that’s lurked and never commented. Crazy as it is this is my first blog comment. Aren’t you special? It’s been interesting to follow your blog as I served with my father for a season through a transition. I’d love to hear more about your journey.
    I’m at a hotel in ATL now and I’ll be at the Q. Hope to meet you.
    Chris McAlister

  17. Scott, I’m at Q also, one of those few guys from outside of the US. Hope to see you.

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