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Q | 3 Minute Presentations

Apr 11, 2008
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Q opened up 3 minute sharing from attendees who are sharing their ideas, projects, etc… 

Mel McGowen | Visioneering Studios

We shape our buildings and our buildings shape us.
Winston Churchill

We need to talk about reshaping our church walls because they tend to separate Christians from culture…

Traditional tries to recreate the temple, etc… Jesus wasn’t impressed w/ the temple.  When you leave the bldg you are leaving God’s presence. 

We’re doubling the hundreds of millions of dollars, but we’re losing the gain in breaking down walls between Christ & culture.

Visioneering Studios is an urban design architecture group that is focused on tearing down walls. Redefining church architecture…  Africa, Cambodia, LA, rural GA.

Karl Martin | MBC (Morningside Baptist Church)

Edinburgh Scotland – capital city….  Incredible spiritual heritage but has turned it’s back on God.

Our present in Scotland is your future (US).

5% church attendance would be incredible for them.

But good thing is that no one is pretending anymore.  Everyone is rethinking…reengaging w/ culture.

Incredible opportunity in Scotland and Britain. 

Baptist church – transitioned….  Culture creating, transformation, Word spirit truth…


Q – last year…  Established debt counseling ministry….  Advent Conspiracy – “Just Christmas”.  Street pastor network…  Talked about in local media in big way.

It wasn’t because he programed it.  God did it.

Donna Wiederkehr | Rwanda Homes

10,000 people butchered for 100 days, 90+% personally witnessed killing of parents.

Today, 1 million orphans in street….  Goal is to give these kids hope.

Scott Hackman | One Village Coffee

Birthed around a table…

One family and a few friends to impact the world.  To support children, wells, human trafficking, etc…

Charles Lee | Just One
Laundry Love

Create simple tangible initiatives that anybody can run with.

Started year and a half ago…

Creates partnerships w/ laundromats where for a couple hours a week groups of people sponsor laundry for a couple of hours.  Tutoring, basic medical check up, job placement, wireless access, Christmas giveaways, etc…

Trash Can Make a Difference – highlights organizations that already do great work w/ the poor and asks people to buy trashcans w/ stickers where you place it in your home, church or business – you collect goods that a particular organization needs that month.  Decentralized to where you deliver the goods yourself to these organizations.

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  1. emma says:

    Karl Martin was there? Very cool. Karl pastors in Edinburgh (as you mentioned) and has been through speaking at CU events and such like on numerous occasions in Glasgow. He’s got an incredible heart, a massive capacity to love those around him. Glad he got to share some stories with you guys!

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