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Q: Andy Crouch & Rick Warren

Apr 25, 2007

My brain bandwidth is maxed out

4 Responses to “Q: Andy Crouch & Rick Warren”

  1. Flaviu Pop says:

    THANKS, Scott!!!!
    Man, i’ve been dying to hear what’s up? Love this stuff. Checked out some articles from Fermi Project, unstinkin’ believable!!! Cultivalte and Create, our mission for real!!!Keep us posted.

  2. Worth reading: Missional churches and conferencesgalore

    + Scott Hodge is posting some thoughts from Q in Atlanta. If you havent heard of it, its a conference similar to TED but with a Christian emphasis. This is a conference I would have loved to attend – even qualified for a scholarship. But…

  3. Tim says:

    Scott, thanks so much! I was bummed I couldn’t make it… but keep the notes coming!

  4. sam says:

    Interesting that Warren made this comments which are the opposite of the church growth paradigm out of which he started his seeker church.
    Those were efficiency, annonymity and the absecne of religious symbols (e.g. the emergence of the logo and everything purpose driven).

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