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Q: Jud Wilhite | Expression

Apr 14, 2008
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Jud Wilhite
Pastor, Central Christian Church, Las Vegas

Spending time in NY…  Felt really small.  In LV, feels the same way….

Standing in front of huge casino……realized…..the culture war is over.  WE LOST! 

It was so liberating because began to envision new ways of engaging culture…impacting people.

Culture war – as defined in 80’s and 90’s by religious conseravtives was a posture towards/against our culture.  That bred moral superiority….  “We’re right – you’re wrong” attitude.

The posture we take towards culture:

A posture of grace over judgment. 

Religious leaders were the ones that ultimately put boundaries and walls up…

To be spiritual and mature is to be approachable.  And to the level I am approachable to those outside the faith defines the level of my maturity.

Jesus was MOVED w/ compassion.  Posture yourself……in all channels of influence….grace over judgment as you interact w/ other people.

Began seeing himself as a dream champion.  Finding entrepreneurs, artists, etc… And releasing them!  To GO into the culture where they work and live in and transform it from the inside out….

It’s relational….life on life.

Do you know the dreams of the people in your church?

A posture of love over inaction.

1 Cor 13 – love, defined not so much as a feeling, but as an action.

Not so much love against hate, but love against inaction.

Are you empowering people to love?

Incredible stories of business leaders in his church who are having powerful impact on local culture.  It took a church community that would release and empower him.

A posture of truth over inauthenticity.

Bible talks about being TRUE.  “in the truth”  “Living in the truth”  “being FILLED with truth”

If you give people GRACE and then show them love, they begin to trust you and once they trust you, you can tell them the truth.  And once you give them truth, they trust you more and more.

The world is looking for people who will be authentic in a COMPLETE way and make a difference with their actions.

Biblical truth over inauthenticity.

The Bible is clear that there is such a thing as truth.  We can wrestle w/ how we apply it, wrestle w/ it, etc…  But at the end of the day, my goal is to lead people to the truth – Jesus Christ.

Conversation doesn’t end here.  Keep it going….  Let’s find new ways to help people experience that door and be changed from the inside out.

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