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Q: Os Guinness

Apr 13, 2008

Os Guinness (bio)
Author (The Case of Civility), Social Critic, Co-Founder of Trinity Forum

Os is the grandson of Guinness founder.  (Upon hearing this, the room erupted in applause.)

One of the features of our time is the challenges we face have never come from more directions…  Both outside the church but also due to deep erosions and craziness INSIDE the church.

Not a pessimist, but want to look at the challenges.  Incredible opportunities…

On level of invention of wheel and printing. A massive change…

We have to discern, engage, assess.

Shift from singular modernity to multiple modernities – different ways of being modern.

Whoever was the great power of the west was the great power of thew world.

Now- polycentric powers, no single superpowers can stand it’s will on the world.

Used to be that globalization  = westernization.  Now, not so….

The US policy is a failure to recognize this.

We (the church) need to tell the story of our failure.

Our world is as furiously religious as ever.

More world views clashing w/ other world views than the world has ever seen.

Growing wars of the spirit – Christians responding not well.

3 assumptions…

That the affirmation of life is that counts.

That what blocks the affirmation of life is religion.

That the first step of any critical person is to critique religion and see it removed from the world.

The secular world – a profoundly anti-Christian attitude.  We don’t’ engage in this in culture waring….we have to win people and not win battles in that sense.

That you make sure you have all the needed tools needed for cultural engagement.

Not just correct "beliefs" – but that our beliefs will truly affect our behavior.

Make sure you and your people really understand the history of ideas.

The genealogy of ideal of morals – where do they come from?

If you trace the ancestry, pedigree….you usually have a very good understanding of where it’s coming from and what it’s likely to be.

Appalled at how uncritical people under age 40 are of post-modernism.  60’s – did not flourish in Europe…  70’s – flourished in universitys….America.  90’s – flourished in churches after not in fashion in univeristys.  And many plunged in hook, line and sinker….

Part of reformation of culture will be reformation of time.

Can’t see this by looking at ideas….  We have to observe social world around us.

Gospel exploding Africa, East….but doing worst in west. 

3 tasks we have:

  • To restore the integrity of faith.
  • To restore credibility of gospel.
  • To restore civility in public life. (so that we and others are free to engage public life from the vantage point of our faith.)

There is no movement in the west that is taking on these three in a way that shows a chance of prevailing. 
Luke 18:8 – When son of man returns to earth, will he find faith?

Our faith is unrecognizable….

Our goal of followers of Jesus is to "know him more clearly, love him more dearly and to follow him more nearly."

Always however far you go….make sure that by God’s grace you keep the faith and He will be able to say “well done.”

2 Responses to “Q: Os Guinness”

  1. Pete Wilson says:

    Thanks Scott for all of your incredible blogging from Q. Due to a previously scheduled trip I couldn’t attend. Your blogs kept me in the loop and really challenged me. I appreciate your effort. Keep up the great work.

  2. Marla says:

    Thank you Scott! I can breathe a sigh of relief: the set of Q blogs is complete. Hope you got some rest.

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