Scott Hodge


3 Responses to “Q Shortcuts”

  1. Trevor Lee says:

    It was fun coming along for the ride through your posts. I think you deserve a blogging break after that barrage of posts!

  2. Steve Lavey says:

    Scott –
    I was at Q also with one of our elders from Park Community Church, Mike Collett, and found it to be a hurricane of ideas, challenges, and ponderings….I loved the interaction with others but I missed a chance to meet you — maybe you’ll be in the city soon and I can buy you lunch.

  3. Ryan Moede says:

    Scott -
    Thanks for putting together this excellent collection of notes from the conference. I had considered live-blogging, but simply got too wrapped up in each presentation. This is great – thanks. Hope we can meet up at next year’s Q.

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