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Q-uite Refreshing

May 1, 2007


I’m finally starting to digest my time at Q last week… 

I’ve been to a lot of conferences these past couple of years and to tell you the truth I’ve started feeling a little conference "burn out", so I approached Q with a bit of reluctance and hesitation.  After all, a lot of these conferences have the tendency to start looking, feeling and sounding the same as every other one out there. 

I had NO idea what to expect at Q.  First time conference – kept somewhat under the radar…  Application process to attend…. (btw – I don’t know of anyone who got turned down?  Anyone out there get a "no"?)  And the cost?  Pretty much double the cost of most church/leadership conferences.  In my mind Q was either going to be really amazing or it was going to be just "another conference" that would leave me more focused on my Palm Treo than on chewing, digesting and wresting with what was discussed.

Well, here I am five days later on the other side of it all and I can honestly say that Q was probably one of the most refreshing leadership gatherings I have been a part of before.  Certainly the most unique and diverse – everything from the presenters (most were extremely inspiring and very informative…) to the venue (The Tabernacle in Atlanta – incredible feel/vibe)… 

So with all that said, here are a few more reasons why I think Q felt so great.

  1. No one asked me how big our church was.  "So…what are you guys runnin’?"  Didn’t hear it once.  In fact, in the two and a half days at Q, there was not one mention at all of church growth.  The focus was not on "how to grow your church", but rather on how to empower the people in our churches to truly impact the local and global culture.  And it was about what our role as pastors and church leaders looks like in that context.
  2. There was a lot of humility floating around this gathering.  It seemed like everyone I spoke with had the attitude of, "Man, I’m just trying to figure it out…"  There weren’t a lot of "experts" there.  Mostly learners.  This humility even carried over to most of the speakers as well.  In the midst of sharing their experiences and "what’s working" for them – there was, at the same time, this feel that they were there to learn as well.  Most of them (including Rick Warren) not only spoke – but attended.
  3. 18 minutes is perfect.  Especially for my A.D.D. self…  And honestly, I was expecting to walk away from a few of the talks wishing that some of the speakers could have gone longer than 18 minutes, but I don’t remember feeling that way once.  Getting to the bottom line and right to the point was refreshing.  18 minutes forces you to share the most important stuff VERY CLEARLY.  It almost makes me want to try 18 minute talks at The Orchard.  Almost…
  4. One word: Macs.  Everywhere.
  5. The diversity of presenters was amazing.  Just look at the list.  Some of the brightest and most innovative minds were gathered at Q.  AND I’m convinced that some of THE MOST innovative people in the room were the ones sitting next to me – attending Q.

That’s it for now…  This post is getting way too long and my coffee is starting to get cold.  I have some thoughts about what I would love to see next year (assuming I get invited again).  I’ll save that for another time.   

Anyway – Gabe, Jeff, and all of you presenters – who I’m pretty certain will never see this post…  Thank you for introducing me to Q.  I’m looking forward to seeing where the conversation goes.

5 Responses to “Q-uite Refreshing”

  1. Wow, sounds fantastic. I wonder if any of these sessions were recorded. Do you know?

  2. Hope you didn’t step in any of the humility without some galoshes. Smart folks attending the conference with their Mac’s.

  3. Hey Scott! So do you have to have a Mac to attend? I think that I might actually purchase a Mac for my home office. I just have to make sure that the business software that I am planning on purchasing is Mac-compatible. However, why wouldn’t it be? If software companies are smart they make it compatible for both, right?
    So – if you get invited to Q next year, can you invite someone? What you are talking about sounds like something that I really would like to attend. I am not sure, but I think that God might be preparing my heart for ministry. Not sure, but I am opened. :-)
    Hope to see you and your family soon!
    Love to you all!

  4. Johnny Laird says:

    Sounds like it was a fascinating event, Scott. Thanks for sharing your perspective on it.

  5. Gabe says:

    Scott, i did read your post and it was quite encouraging. it summarized all the hopes and prayers we had for this gathering. thanks for taking time to reflect on it and share with us and all your friends. As for next year, we will look forward to your suggestions.

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