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Q1: Jon Tyson

Apr 9, 2008
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Jon Tyson
Church Planter, The Journey Movement, NYC
The Re-urbanization of the Church

32 million of the 60 million people in Roman Empire were reached because of the influence of 120.

Why aren’t we getting any traction today?

Our theology….

Four relationships – God, Ourselves, Others, The World

We have a renewal mandate….

What you’re wearing….  TV shows….  Money……   Magazines….   Education….  Are located in places like cities. 

We need to learn how to interact w/ structures in our day.

We need a holistic cultural renewal.

There needs to be a return to the city.

We need to come back to places where culture is created.

Now seen as evil….dark….etc….

We are called to be salt & light.

Dispersion of evangelical church…..salt bag was dumped over a couple of states and got sprinkled a couple of other places…

Accepting our responsibility.

What is God’s heart for the world?

Jesus – weeping over cities…

Christian version of cultural acupuncture.

We need to find those places and train and equip our people into these places.

God’s heart is not just about individual….but for all of creation.

The world understands this.  They are thinking on a systemic level.

We are called to unleash systemic good.

We have an obligation to ENGAGE the systems of our time.

Engage the world.

False ideas are the greatest obstacles to the reception of the gospel. 
Gresham Machen

More than just reaching individuals out of an evil system….

Col 1:18-20 – God is reconciling all things to himself…

We know how to reach individuals.

Let’s think about redeeming whole systems….whole cultures. 

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  1. there are feelings of jealousy [good ones] that you are there. i just read the blog from jon tyson and it seems like it is amazing. loving the bog, thanks for sharing what you are hearing there. thanks for the connection

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