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Q11: Jamie Tworkowski

Apr 10, 2008

Jamie Tworkowski
Interviewed by Mike Foster.


Read the story here.

The facts.

This movement has spread all over the world….impacting millions because Jamie responded to a personal story.

Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman wore t-shirt with Renee’s story on it, mentioned you can find it online but didn’t give web address.  Began getting hundreds of emails from people who had same story….

19 million have depression in US.  2/3 of them don’t get help.

Have now heard from people in 40 countries.

Huge on 200k friends on Facebook and 200k friends on Myspace.

Does not call itself a “Christian” organization.

2 Responses to “Q11: Jamie Tworkowski”

  1. ted says:

    read recently where a leading psychologist suggested that between World War II to the present the amount of people saying they struggle with depression (in the US alone) has gone up 1000%…yes, i said 1000%…

  2. bekah says:

    Oh man I wish I could have been there. Meeting Jamie is like one of my life goals.
    I went to a Switchfoot concert Sunday night. One word. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!

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