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Q12: Jim Wallis

Apr 10, 2008
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Jim Wallis | Social Movements
Founder of Sojourners; Author, The Great Awakening, Blogger at God’s Politics

When politics fails…social movements rise up to change politics.

The best social movements always have spiritual foundations.

God is not a Republican or a Democrat.

Spiritual movements can’t be called a revival until it changes something in society.

If faith cures addiction, great….  Marriages, great….  But until it changes something in SOCIETY……they don’t call it revival.

Faith becomes a catalyst for social movements – ex/ The abolition of slavery…child labor laws…women’s suffrage, civil rights…etc…

Movements have changed politics more than politicians do.

7 personal, communal, and political commitments:

  • Integrity & Accountability for our politicians
  • Opportunity & Inclusion for the working poor
  • Stewardship & Renewal for our decaying environment
  • Life & Dignity for global suffering and skyrocketing healthcare
  • Family & Community in the face of disturbing trends like the “me” generation’s online alienation
  • Equality & Diversity to think clearly about immigration concerns and a shrinking world
  • Peace & Justice for a globe racked with wars over resources and religions

The politicians won’t be able to change until or unless there are social movements pushing from the outside.

One Response to “Q12: Jim Wallis”

  1. Greg Johnson says:

    Jim Wallis is doing a great work in our day with Sojourners.

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