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Q13: Michael Luo

Apr 10, 2008
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Q13: Michael Luo | Reporting Faith and Politics
New York Times
Interview by Gabe Lyons

Has received hostility after mentioning he is with the NYT.

There is diversity among reporters.   You might be surprised…

New Breed of Evangelicals – article in May ’07 NYT written by Luo.

When asked what he thinks about Obama & Hillary, Luo says, “I don’t have opinions.”  Everyone laughed.

There is a bigger picture of what makes a good president.

Future of evangelicals?  The problem is that there is no uniformity among evangelicals.  The old guard on social issues is going away.

People aren’t talking environment, poverty, immigration, they’re talking moral issues like gay rights, etc… 

NYT has reexamined itself – they want to hire from all different sides (political, faith, race, etc…) – it affects how news is covered.

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  1. Ben Arment says:

    Thanks for the reporting Scott! This rocks…

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