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Q3: Bill McKibben

Apr 9, 2008


Bill McKibben
Author, Educator, Environmentalist
More vs. Better

Author, A Deep Economy

Talking about global warming…. Carbon Dioxide levels too high….  Co2 – 350 parts per million – dangerous levels.

Means cutting coal out of our energy system and doing it quickly.

There’s an argument from science and an argument from the Hebrew Bible.

We produce 25% of the worlds C02.

We are not the guy in the SUV.  We’re the guy in the SUV who passes someone by, backs up, and runs them over.

We are not LOVING our neighbors….we are DROWNING our neighbors.

Germany – highest solar powered.  Not even the sunniest place….  But they have the political will to do something about it.   We need a movement that works for a new set of laws that puts a price on carbon so that markets can go to work.

Evangelical Climate Initiative
– a political document that is beginning to have impact.  Needs to have more behind it working hard. – An effort to build first grass roots open source initiative like this around the planet.

4 Responses to “Q3: Bill McKibben”

  1. Dan says:

    I bet he didn’t mention all the CO2 that is expended DRIVING TO CHURCH.
    Is the church carbon neutral and sustainable? Can it be?

  2. Chip says:

    The problem being that the movement is based upon bad science being pushed by people who have an agenda that doean’t really mesh with the gospel. I don’t think the church needs to jump on this band wagon.

  3. Good summary of McKibben’s talk (I was in the audience). As a scientist, I can attest that McKibben’s science was perfectly sound. There’s a real opportunity here for the American church to catch up with evangelical Christians in the rest of the world, and especially our brothers and sisters in the third world, in taking this problem seriously, and in taking Jesus command to love our neighbors as ourselves seriously.

  4. Daniel says:

    Found through Greg. Just one quick comment on th statistic of Germany being more solared powered. Just read an article on this a day ago in Time and the reason they are more solar powered is cuz there were subsidies given out by the govt to build these things. The smarter thing would’ve been to build wind farms. Though commended for trying to be forward thinking… Germany was just trying to follow the money.

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