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Q4: Francis Collins

Apr 9, 2008
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Francis Collins
Director, Human Genome Project
Author, The Language of God

Pointers to God from nature

  • There is something instead of nothing.
  • The “unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics”
  • The Big Bang
  • The precise tuning of physical constants in the universe. – we live on the edge of improbability. 
  • The Moral Law – The knowledge of right & wrong. 

Almighty God, who is not limited in space or time, created the universe with its parameters precisely tuned to allow the development of complexity over long periods of time.

God’s plan included the mechanism of evolution to create the marvelous diversity of living things on our planet.  Most especially, that creative plan included human beings. 

“In matters that are so obscure………we too fall with it.” 
Augustine of Hippo, The Literal Meaning of Genesis

Truth cannot contradict truth.

One Response to “Q4: Francis Collins”

  1. jprapp says:

    Fair riff on the pointers.
    Pointers to God from nature. “In matters that are so obscure” – there’s a whole lotta guessing going on that list.
    Add to the list Collins’ ipse dixit: that over 40% of practicing scientist believe in a God to whom you can pray and get intimate answers.
    At a time when religion is being studied with greater quantitative rigor than ever, the “unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics” (kudos to Wigner putting aside his neo-Platonism), this whole argument will get inverted by believers calling metrics and math “unreasonable” as more evolutionary mechanisms are offered explaining our guess-at-God and feel-good wishful thinking.
    “Truth cannot contradict truth” – okay .. “in matters that are so obscure ….”

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