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Q5: Chuck Colson

Apr 9, 2008
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Chuck Colson
Founder, Prison Fellowship Ministries
Cultural Commission


First words in John….  In the beginning….was the word and the word WAS God.

Christianity is an explanation of all of reality – all of truth…

Redeeming the justice system…

Jesus had a KINGDOM message.

The people in these prisons……get it!

Most of us have changed the ‘truth’ of the gospel with ‘Christian therapy.’ 

Most Christians sit like dead weight in our comfortable pews.

Most segregated place in America is the church.

What we need to do is to build that kingdom and understand what we believe so that we can communicate it.

One Response to “Q5: Chuck Colson”

  1. ron cole says:

    Hey Scott, glad I bumped into your space here. I’ve got to ask you though, the words under the image are they yours…or did Colson really say them. Peace…Ron+

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