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Q8: Andy Crouch

Apr 9, 2008

Q8: Andy Crouch
Author & Journalist
Why We Can[‘t] Change the World

The best possible news we can hear: We are not the ones to change the world.

We are the ones who have survived our own ambition to change the world….

2 events that led to the most lasting change ever – The Exodus and the Resurrection.

Without the Exodus – no law….Without the resurrection – no church, no gospel.

Tremendously important events….

Challenge: Our sense of time.  Our sense of place.  Our sense of power.

God is in the business of rescuing the powerless.

The goodness of the poor is that they are not as poor as they or we think they are.

Who is “Transforming Culture”?  If it is God….  We are not the AGENTS.  We are the PATIENTS – those who suffer and those who are being healed.

2 Responses to “Q8: Andy Crouch”

  1. Marla says:

    Hey Scott,
    Nice to read your reviews! I’ve been blogging Q too…hope to get a chance to meet you in the course of the day.
    Great conference, isn’t it?
    Marla Saunders

  2. Scott…hope you’re doing well! I’m keeping up with all the fun you are having via Twitter.
    Just wanted to thank you for these Q notes on Andy Crouch. I’m showing this talk and teaching about it in an ABF class tomorrow.
    Blessings to ya!

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