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Questions about Change/Transition

Oct 21, 2008
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Almost weekly, I receive a handful of emails and phone calls from pastors and church leaders from all over the map who have heard about The Orchard and who have specific questions about change and transition in their own organizations. 

So…..starting next week, I am going to do my best to devote one day a week to answering some of those questions here on my blog.

All you need to do is email your questions to: scott (at) orchardvalleyonline (dot) com.  We'll collect them and then I'll do my best to answer what I can and at least get some good discussion going on the ones I can't!  :)

Should be fun!  So bring 'em!

One Response to “Questions about Change/Transition”

  1. Mark says:

    did people tell your dad the transition needed to happen or did he arrive at it on his own? the reason I ask is I am working with a leader who may be looking his transition in the eye.

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