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Raising Our Kids

Mar 15, 2006

BabyThis coming weekend at The Orchard we are having a parent/child dedication.  We have somewhere in the neighborhood of 20+ children who will be dedicated (including our youngest, Julia!) 

What makes this such a significant and important time is the public commitment that is made by the parents that says, "We believe that God’s way is the best way to raise our children." 

This also signifies a recognition that it is the PARENT’S responsibility to spiritually raise their children.  This is not something that can be delegated to the schools, government or even church.  (I’ll stop there because I think I might start preachin…

And so as a church community, the best thing we can do is help equip the parents to raise their kids and make the primary spiritual investment in their lives.  Because what happens in the HOME is more important than what happens at church. 

I heard someone once say, "Relationships with parents will happen more often, last longer and go deeper."  So true…

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  1. kate says:

    I agree that home is where is all really happens. However, I think it’s important for the church community to not only equip the parents, but also support them, as well as the growing child. I’m always so impressed with my church in how ministers and members reach out to parents who are dealing with difficult situations (minor to major). I also love to see members taking on responsibility to get those wandering kids in the hall back into the service, chat with the kids about school, etc. I believe kids need to feel a connection between their family and their church family. And just as every member of your family brings something to your life – every member of the church family does too. Kids shouldn’t just interact with Sunday School teachers and other parents…but they should interact with young, middle-aged, old, single, married, etc. Growing up, the elderly members of my church really made the biggest impact on me. But I know through my parents’ example and through watching my own 19 month old daughter interact with various church members that even the babies bring something vitally important to the church family.
    Ok, sorry – too many comments for one day =)

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