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Apr 2, 2008


Downloading the new Moby album right now….  Diggin’ it.

Finally starting The Reason for God by Tim Keller.  Looking forward to reading this.

Downloaded the new Starfield album.  Good stuff.

Heading to Des Moines tomorrow to spend a day and a half with a church that is preparing to embark on the journey of change and transition. 

Will be in New York City next week for Q.  Will you be there?  Let me know.  Coffee?

Now it’s time to write.

7 Responses to “Randomness….”

  1. Tim says:

    Reason for God is AMAZING!!! Really good.
    I have a free ticket to Q I just found out about, but still trying to work out the details, find a place to stay, etc… but maybe i’ll see you there!

  2. Brad Ruggles says:

    Ohh! That’s right! New Moby album out!!
    Thanks for reminding me!
    Brad Ruggles

  3. Scott I’ve been listening to some sermons by Shane Hipp who will be one of the presenters at Q. Great stuff! Hope we have a chance to bump into each other next week! Kyle

  4. djchuang says:

    i’ll be at Q in NYC this year, hope to see you again; this time I’m prob going to twitter it — like tweets much more than blogging, for conference attending; that’s my big takeaway being here @ Awaken

  5. New York…Send me a souvenir…

  6. scott hope your time here in des moines went well. crazy snow today, huh/

  7. Les says:

    New Church or one changing its vision – that is so hard for older members. How is that change over implemented?

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