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Ready, Set, LEARN!

Jun 16, 2008
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I love the responses that I got from this post asking you to share what you've been learning about leadership in whatever context you are leading in right now.  Here are a handfull of the responses that really stuck out to me:

If you don't train your leaders right-it will cause massive growing
pains for the church and a lot of extra work for the pastors. Chris Marlow

…pursuit of consensus signals the death of vision. Randy Bohlender

COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION!  One of the HARDEST things for me to do is find the medium and the
occasion to cast vision and direction for our church. John Baw

Vision must be communicated with clarity or people will decide what the vision is for themselves, amidst the confusion. Matt P.

A test of one's leadership is not how well one leads when they are in
charge, but how well one serves when they are NOT in charge. Ted

You lead out
of who and what you are. If you are not growing then whatever you are
involved in will not be growing. If you are in conflict in many areas
of your life then the thing you are responsible for will be in
conflict.  We can
go to conferences and get methodology but what works for one leader
works because it is flowing out of there essence.  Tory

No copy and paste…just listen to God and obey….sure you use other
leadership tools and learn best practices, but real vision comes from
God.  Dale Schaeffer

It amazes me what a phone call,
post card, voice mail, a written note can do to encourage a team
member. (E-mails don't seem to have the personal touch.)  Joy Spencer

I'm learning that even if there is frustration with the leadership you
are under…God is working and using it grow you and make you better.  Shane

As with Joshua, be CAREFUL to do the small things God tells you to do.  Stephen Gibbs

I keep learning that it's incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to
lead young women (or older women for that matter) who don't seem to
respect and honor their own husbands. The two issues seem to go hand in
hand for some reason.  Samantha Connour

It's impossible to follow Jesus and
lead a reproducing movement without being intentional about personally
making disciples.  Jay Hardwick

I must be consistent. Confident in my mission. Able to act without
swaying to resistance…or my kids will walk all over me, they will not
learn the lesson at hand, and they will not trust me to make the
correct decision next time.  Joni

I was reminded this week to not pigeonhole people by their personality
or abilities. That when I've been mentoring, sometimes people are ready
to go to the next level, and I need to give them the opportunity. God
is growing people, and sometimes, they/He can surprise us.  Kim Martinez

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