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Recent Series at The Orchard

Mar 11, 2008
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As you know, I’m not one to use my blog to pimp my sermons or church series real often, but there are a couple of series that we’ve done recently that we have received incredible feedback from that I thought I’d share with you.  Here they are:



This was a series about what it means to live with a constant awareness that we are, in fact, “spirit beings” and how that realization impacts the way we see ourselves, others, creation, and God.  One of the weeks, I taught on the kind of change God brings into our lives when we make the decision to put our trust in Him.  The MOMENT of change….and the JOURNEY of change.  It was probably the clearest teaching I’ve ever done on what it looks like to become a follower of Jesus.  Incredible response….



Every year we devote a series to talking about money and what God has to say about it, how to handle it, etc…  At the same time, we realize that money can be a tough subject to talk about, so we try to come up with fun, creative ways to do it.  In this series, we challenged those in our church who are not engaged in tithing to take this step of faith in their lives.  The number of people who responded just blew my mind!  Already, we’ve received stories of how God has been providing as people have stepped out and obeyed. 



This is the series we are in the middle of right now where we are talking about the after-life, heaven, and then next weekend…….hell.  It’s been a great series so far and I’ve received TONS of great feedback from people who have never heard what the Bible has to say about death, the after-life, etc…  In our first week, I took a few minutes to talk about the popular belief of Purgatory – which is a teaching that a LOT of people in our church are familiar with since growing up in the Catholic church.   The series has offered people great hope for the future.  It’s also opened hearts to the fact that our lives are about so much more than just about trying to get our single, individual souls into heaven when we die and how we are a part of God’s mission in this life NOW and in the life to come.

You can download any of these series here or by subscribing to our podcast.

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  1. Scott – AWESOME topics!!! It is so neat to hear about the growth you are seeing at The Orchard as people walk together on their journey to get to know Christ and become more like JEsus. TOO COOL!!!

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