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Ridiculously Late

Jan 18, 2008

Oh man….  What a day.  No, what a week.  This past Monday I made a list of all the things I wanted to blog about this week and as you can see I didn’t get too far.  So forgive the "dumping" nature of this post, but it’s healthy.  For me, anyway…

  1. My assistant, Terri, is on vacation.  Good for her.  Bad for me.  But ultimately good for me too.
  2. New updates for the iPhone…  Not bad, but still waiting for the copy & paste function.
  3. The MacBook Air.  Hmmm….  Not sure what to think about this yet.  Has anyone placed an order?
  4. Politics.  No, nevermind.
  5. Started a new series at The Orchard last weekend – "I Am Spirit."  A very unique, yet powerful series so far.  REALLY looking forward to this weekend!
  6. FUEL – our monthly leadership gathering is happening this Saturday morning.  This month I’m doing something I’ve never done before – Q&A’s with our leaders.  A little over a week ago we sent our leaders a link where they could submit ANY questions they have for me.  ANYTHING.  A bit frightening, but some really good questions have shown up.  REALLY looking forward to it! 
  7. My inbox sucks. 
  8. It looks like I might be traveling far, far away again this year.  Hmmm…. 
  9. Some things I want to blog about in the near future: sermon writing process, what "simple" looks like for The Orchard, what I’ve been learning about momentum, The Orchard’s diversity (spiritual, ethnic, political, etc…).
  10. Getting a tooth pulled on Monday.  Hate that.
  11. I need to get my blogroll back on this page soon.
  12. Off to bed.  G’nite! 

9 Responses to “Ridiculously Late”

  1. David Anasco says:

    Pastor, drop me a line and let me know more details about item number 8 on your list above.

  2. Erik says:

    As for the Macbook Air. Yes it is verry cool, but a couple of issues, well for me. No user replacable battery, but for $129 Apple will replace it for free. My problem is that I replace batteries on the fly when I need to have more power. Fixed memory at 2 Gig, come on 3 is better. The hard drive is slow at 4200 RPM’s, $999 extra for the SSD, not at this time, and $300 for the 1.80 Ghz processor??? You must be kidding.
    I will give it to Steve, it is a slick device but I will take functionality overr form, give me a Macbook Pro. I was really disappointed that they didn’t rev the Macbook Pro’s or announce the 3G iPhone’s. That is when I will jump on board.

  3. Chris Baker says: – are you, or did you already do this? I can’t remember seeing anything about this since the first post. Sorry if I missed it.

  4. I’m particularly interested in #9. Messages, simplicity, momentum, and diversity. I’m already inspired.

  5. Dave says:

    Love the blog content…one note about #7 that might help is a discussion my Merlin Mann(kind of a productivity Guru) that did a session for Google on how to keep your inbox from “sucking”.

  6. Hey Scott,
    Your post in December about Fuel really caught my attention… Have been eagerly waiting for you to talk more about it…
    Hows about it bro?

  7. John Fones says:

    Same here, I’m going to keep my MacBook Pro for now. I’ll take double the weight for a much faster computer with more storage space and a DVD drive! It’s very cool looking though!

  8. Heredes says:

    Sup bro – greetings from sunny Florida
    Visit the link below for the “copy paste” feature for the iPhone – and it doesn’t involve major hacking or jail breaking your iphone. Enjoy

  9. metromom says:

    We got the Mac TV v.2…and I must say its pretty cool! I’m loving how everything is literally synced up now. No more trips to Blockbuster…or waiting for Netflix in the mail…but the selection isn’t amazing…but pretty good so far.

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