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Rockin’ the hits…

Sep 20, 2006

Dangit…  Perry linked to me in his post today, which always messes up my weekly counter stats. 

And btw Perry…Starbucks IS ON ME.  (Tony or Mark – is there one in Granger?)

4 Responses to “Rockin’ the hits…”

  1. Misty says:

    Scott – Take care of Perry’s Starbucks “withdrawal” and make sure he gets his “fix” while you’re there (or several fixes). :o
    Perry – let us know what you tried and loved. I always get the same thing there – Strawberries & Cr

  2. yup! there’s one there! (I’m Tim, not Tony or Mark… but hey, I figured I’d help a fellow Starbucks-addict out!)

  3. Los says:

    I visited his blog because his name is Perry.

  4. Scott, I got here yesterday and had my usual grande coffee in a venti cup on the way to the First Impressions work shop…I’d be happy to buy for both you and Perry if you’d let me hang out with you guys!

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