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Rockin’ The Orchard

Jul 10, 2006

And who was it that said that summer is supposed to be QUIET in the church world?  Yeah, right! Not at The Orchard!

This past weekend we were packed out as we launched our new series, "Rockin’ The Orchard."  Our band did an awesome rendition of Elvis’, "Don’t Be Cruel" and I did a talk on GLOCAL living – specifically focusing on the extreme opposite of cruelty – COMPASSION.  It was a GREAT weekend!

Here’s a video we used this past weekend for the series’ launch.

3 Responses to “Rockin’ The Orchard”

  1. Nice video. Certainly you could have found some more representative Chicago music than the commercial “Hard Rock Cafe.” Hopefully you’ll also make mention of the Chicago Radio Stations and DJ’s that brought Rock n’ Roll to Chicago and the rest of the country.

  2. Scott – I am so excited for you and the community at the Orchard. Sounds like you are all making a BIG difference in your area for Christ.
    Keep up the exciting and innovating ways of ministry and messages to communicate the Gospel!
    We were hoping to get to Chicago this summer, but some unforseeable circumstances have used up the majority of Ed’s vacation. Hopefully we can figure out something though so we can come and see you guys!
    Miss you all!!

  3. matt says:

    Great video, makes me want to drive to Chicago every Sunday for church… accept I’d have to leave on Friday and wouldn’t get back until Tuesday… but it would be worth it.

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