Scott Hodge


Round & Juicy?

Apr 13, 2006


Is it just me, or is "round and juicy" sort of an odd way to describe a cup of coffee?

Anyone got a good tagline for this photo?

7 Responses to “Round & Juicy?”

  1. Coffee, or Cantaloupe? You decide.

  2. Kerry Snyder says:

    Papa…Round and Juicy, the way I describe my gradnfather.

  3. matt says:

    And this year’s MTV award for the trashiest video duet goes to Britany Spears and Papua New Guinea with “Round and Juicy”

  4. ted says:

    “officer, i am sorry i hit the pedestrian…something ’round and juicy’ was in the road and i sharply turned my moped scooter and…”

  5. I bet the writer of “Round and Juicy” also orders a “Venti, three pump, no foam, 2%, half caf, Late, with a shot of almond syrup.”

  6. michelle says:

    I read this article and thought you would enjoying knowing the #1 barista in the US is right in your backyard of Chicago.
    Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea in downtown Chicago
    Check us out and give us your professional caffeinated opinion.

  7. Todd Ruth says:

    Tastes just like the finest cuisine in Papua New Guinea… Round and Juicy.

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