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Mar 17, 2007

Got back home yesterday from So. Carolina.  Great time w/ Perry and the gang at NewSpring.  Spent most of my day back with my family while fighting a HORRIBLE migraine and trying to get my voice in gear for this weekend.  Still having trouble with it… 

So, today I’m deep in the trenches studying and writing.  And drinking LOTS and LOTS of funky tasting tea with ingredients like licorice root, organic slippery elm bark, organic marshmallow root, rooibos, hibishcus extract and lycopene. 


Anyone know of a FAST cure for laryngitis/throat issues? 


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  1. John Jackson says:

    An old lounge singer helped me years ago…dissolve a cough drop in hot water just before you speak…opens up your vocal cords….works for me.
    Keep the faith!
    John Jackson

  2. Sounds like the ingredients would scare all the symptoms away.

  3. Mark Roach says:

    Hi, Scott. I’ve used this a few times in the past ; it’s unpleasant, but it has worked for me. Dissolve as much capsicum (cayenne pepper) as possible in a shotglass worth of orange juice. Gargle with it as long as you can stand it, the longer the better, and then swallow it. Repeat every hour.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    -Mark Roach
    (no, you don’t know me :-)

  4. Johnny says:

    Here are a few things that have helped me when I’ve had very little time to get my voice back:
    1.Much sleep/Rest.
    2. Staying inside. (Mine was often allergy related.)
    3. Hot shower before bed and again in the morning. (Again, allergy related)
    4.Zero talking until absolutely necessary. Not even a whisper. Really.
    5. At least 8 glasses of water the day before you have to speak.
    6. Fisherman’s Friend Menthol Cough Suppressant lozenges (mint). Sometimes works like magic. They have it at Walgreens.
    7. Peppermint. In tea or straight from the wrapper.
    8. Gargling with hot salt water. [But spit it out for heaven's sake! :) ]
    9. “O.D.” on Vitamin C. Orange juice, Grape juice or vitamin tablets.
    10. Pray as you implement Number 1 and number 5 again.
    If none of that works, just acknowledge it when you get up to speak and be creative in how you “present” the message. A few ideas that have helped me:
    1. Keep the message short. If you normally do 40 minutes, do 20. If normally 30 do 15. It will make a great impression. :)
    2. Enlist people you trust to help you with the message – To read parts of it, to give a testimony related to a point or section, etc. Call them today and have them on stand by.
    3. Call an “audible” with your team and break up the message into shorter sections, interspersed with video or songs. You’ll have time to recover a bit between each.
    4. Use vocal silence. Make an opening statement and have simple text fade in and out on the screens that introduces the message. Use background music. Simple and quick, but shortens your vocal time.
    5. Call the staff member who has previously been instructed to always have a message that they are passionate about ready to go at a moment’s notice, including video, presentation slides, etc….. Don’t have one of those? It could be a great topic of discussion in your next staff meeting… :)
    Oh, yeah, I’ll also pray for a miraculous recovery for you! It wouldn’t hurt to get a lot of your church praying for that tonight, also. If nothing else, it will help people participate in the process of delivering the message on Sunday by praying with and for their pastor.
    And one last thought. On the Sundays I have had to speak without much of a voice, it has always humbled me in a way. I literally have to pray, “God it’s ALL up to you today. Use me as You will and do what You want to do.”
    Sorry for the long comment, Scott. Hope something here is helpful. I feel your pain and have been there many times…

  5. praying for you my friend.

  6. Doug says:

    My wife has eaten a clove of garlic the night before and it has worked.
    I heard of another vocalist doing the same thing.
    I just try to get out of my responsibilities……..

  7. how’d it go? I now have a sore throat. You must have passed it along at unleash. :-)

  8. Joni says:

    It has to be raw garlic. Sorry I didn’t see this til too late.
    As you get healthy…
    Don’t whisper–makes it worse
    If you have a chest cold, try to cough lightly by taking a deep breath and saying haaaaaaaa a few times–it’ll bring up the junk, all that junk, all that junk in your trunk, without damaging vocal cords
    Sleep, sleep, sleep
    Call in sick
    Once healthy…
    Before speaking, spend 10 mins. or so in a vocal warm up as you would if singing. You’re using the same muscles although its more harsh than singing. We tend not to use the same breath support in speaking as in singing which will trash the voice.
    That’ll be $110 please. Do you have an insurance card?

  9. Mark Howell says:

    Ok…got to ask…did you have the throat issue before you started drinking the funky tea?

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