Scott Hodge


Saturday Night

Mar 25, 2006


I love kickin’ back in my office here at home late at night in my big reading chair with a good book and some nice jazz playing in the background. 

Tonight, it’s KUAZ out of Tempe, Arizona (great jazz between 8:30pm – midnight MST) and The Ten Faces of Innovation by Tom Kelley

In bed by 11:30pm, up at 4:00am for a big day at The Orchard

Back to the book… 

And g’nite.

4 Responses to “Saturday Night”

  1. Jayne says:

    Let me recommend these guys to listen to, christian and out of South Carolina. Album release is April 4th additional songs on

  2. David W says:

    You know you could just come out here for a visit to the Phoenix area. I think you might find a couple of people that might know you here. =) Might even be able to find a speaking engagment for you. ha ha.

  3. David W says:

    Oh, yeah, if you like jazz, blues and swing, there is a good station out here. Star 97.5. They call it a “musical martini.” Fun station.

  4. Hey,
    Just curious… I lead worship and preach… we have two services.. the first at 9 AM… I walk into the church around 8 AM…I wondering why you get up at 4 AM… is it some sort of special ninja prayer thingie?

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