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Saturday Night WOW.

Oct 20, 2007

Earlier this week we prayed that God would WOW us this weekend.  And He already has.

Tonight we launched our new Saturday 5pm service and the house was PACKED.  I’m talking "adding chairs and trying our best to get people to scoot in to the center of the aisles so that we could squeeze everybody in" PACKED!

All I can say is WOW.

(Photos Coming Soon!)

6 Responses to “Saturday Night WOW.”

  1. heatheregly says:

    Congrats to you guys and all of your hard work and time to reach the community for Jesus. You guys are helping so many people and that is so exciting!

  2. That is awesome! We are celebrating with you guys! Look forward to seeing the pictures.

  3. daniel d says:

    Wow seems right. Congrats on the win and glory to God for bringin’ it! :)
    Do you think your postcard mailing was one of the things that brought the most new faces?

  4. Joni says:

    It was an awesome service too. Everything was right on. Great music, great mix, great video, great talk. The Spirit was moving and you could tell people were excited. I loved pulling into church and seeing a steady stream of cars pull into the parking lot. Can’t wait to hear about tomorrow!

  5. Dolores Cadena says:

    Congratulations Scott! It was an awesome service. We were there and enjoyed every aspect of the service. Saw many new faces!!! We brought one too and he really liked the service. All the hard work to prepare for this milestone has truely paid off!!!

  6. Trevor Davis says:

    Great move! Giving a Saturday option is great for giving people who can’t do Sundays an option. Interestingly, our most surprising church service addition (we are currently doing 7 per weekend was our 12:30p service! It is nearly ALL unchurched people. We were shocked at the demographic we got – mostly younger, completely unchurched, interested but skeptical. It opened up a completely new demographic of people when we added the later time (uh, they were sleeping in!) and it is a service where we continually get people making life changing decisions to follow Jesus – I suggest giving it serious thought if you think you could pull it off.

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