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Scott Hodge on TBN?

Oct 30, 2006
I couldn’t help it… Amanda and I were at a place that looked just like the TBN “Praise the Lord” set, so I thought I’d give a shot at a little fundraising… :)

15 Responses to “Scott Hodge on TBN?”

  1. Truitt says:

    funny video…although i have no idea what the tbn set looks like. perhaps i don’t do enough 3:00am channel surfing.

  2. God is-a so good! Yes-a He is . . .

  3. Janet Crouch says:

    Scott, I think you should be a part of our Spring Sharathon.
    You have a gift!

  4. You forgot “put your hands on your computer screen.” Serious sign of a rookie.

  5. Paul Crouch says:

    Scott, Let me give you a few pointers. If you wore some false eyelashes and apply some makeup with a paint sprayer, not only would God’s annointing be able to move more freely during your speaking, but I’d find you even more sexy than I do now ;)

  6. ted says:

    “he looks like a pear.”

  7. More pointers…add a fake tan, more hair product (think aqua-net, and throw in a hearty “Praise Jesus” if you really want to make some cash!!!

  8. Doug Ruhs says:

    There’s a lot of mocking going on here…….
    I think Proverbs says something about that.
    I’m all for having fun, but……….
    Sorry to be a stick in the mud.

  9. rob b says:

    i’ve got to believe that the way jesus dealt with the religious people of his day seemed a lot like mockery as well.

  10. Randy Santiago says:

    Dude your hilarious! The clap and point did it for me…where do I send my check?

  11. Joni Ruhs says:

    Ah yes, but Jesus actually knew their hearts.

  12. matt says:

    Okay – now you did it. Someone took a good time and made it all serious.
    I’ll answer Mr. and Mrs. Ruhs by saying – true we can’t know their hearts, but even Jesus said “Where your treasure is your heart will follow” so by watching the techniques they employ to get more money at least becomes an inclination as to where their heart might be.

  13. No need to ask for cash. You need to offer something, new book you’ve written, some holy water or sacred holy land oil, for a “donation.”

  14. Abe says:

    I am DYING! This is one of the MOST hilarious things I have ever seen in my life!!!! ROFL!!!!

  15. Cleflo Dollar says:

    genius! but, what will you do with $500 dollars. I feel you need 1000 people to give $500 dollars. “just fake it till you can make it.”

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