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Search Terms

Mar 29, 2006

What search terms are driving people to your blog? 

Here are a few that showed up on my stats in the last few minutes:

"bread pudding made out of leftover cake"
"rob bell podcast"
"Leadership Triangle"
"yellowcard lights and sound"
"marble chocolate stir sticks"
"vonage pros and cons"
"airline meals"
"Do Americans ever admit their mistakes +business"
"Giuliani on Leadership"

4 Responses to “Search Terms”

  1. One of my favorite sections on my stats page, the search terms. :)

  2. Emil says:

    How do you figure that out? I am somewhat new to blogging. By the way, your blog rocks.

  3. My best one from today…
    How was I supposed to know you can’t put dishsoap in the dishwasher??

  4. matt says:

    How about:
    “metal malt mixer containers”
    “Bloods member initiation game”
    ??? what the ???
    I never wrote about that

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