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Jun 8, 2006

This weekend we are beginning a new series at The Orchard entitled, "Seasons."  We’re taking four weekends to walk through the different seasons that we experience in our journey of life.  I am totally psyched about the direction this is going.  Should be a great series!

This is the video intro that we show before each weekend’s message.  I’m not totally sure what we usually call these, but I think it is a "sermon trailer" or something like that…???  It just sort of helps brand everything together and gear everyone up for the talk.  HUGE kudos to our video guy, Dan Anderson, who put this together in less than a day! 

3 Responses to “Seasons”

  1. metromom says:

    ooohhh. i like that.

  2. Matt Singley says:

    That’s really excellent work. Done in a day? You have some real talent on board with you. WTG!

  3. Scott – very cool video. Well done agin. I’m assuming you’re planning to use “Every Season” by Nichole Nordeman . . ?

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