Scott Hodge


Signs that I definitely live in the suburbs….

Jun 21, 2007


This should be outlawed.

8 Responses to “Signs that I definitely live in the suburbs….”

  1. Johnny Laird says:

    ooohhh! That’s scary!

  2. why is there a pic of my lower half on your website?

  3. Chris Baker says:

    Is that you or someone else? HAHA Just kidding. Definitly need to be outlawed.

  4. Erik says:

    i don’t know which is more scary… this guys fashion issues or the fact that you are taking pictures of men’s legs in public.

  5. michael says:

    that is really sub par…

  6. edith Zepeda says:

    Did you just snap the pic or did you ask permission? I’m gonna be watching if I ever see you with a camera.

  7. Well they could have been white sox.

  8. crazy stalker shot…

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