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May 18, 2006
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I am absolutely about to BURST.  And no, not because of the cat dander… 

I’m working on my talk for this coming weekend entitled, "" – it’s the last message in our "simple" series that began six weeks ago. 

I’m wrapping up this last weekend by talking about how we (The Orchard) will continually do everything we can to remain simple in all that we do (vs. being cluttered and complicated – which is the natural tendency of any church, person or organization…). 

One of the things that I’m talking about this weekend is relevancy.  And yeah, I know… it tends to be a fairly overused word nowadays, but it’s just so TRUE!  And it’s something that I believe we have to be in pursuit of EVERY day of our lives as pastors and church leaders. 

In fact, I honestly believe that our church should be the MOST relevant environment in our community – meaning that people KNOW that The Orchard is a place that addresses, deals with and helps people journey through the important issues of every day life. 

And the reason that I don’t think this is optional for us (or any other church for that matter) is because the Bible is the most relevant book ever written. 

Think about it – this ancient book, written over a period of a few thousand years – that still has (and always will have) the ability to speak with great relevancy into your life and mine.  It’s amazing.

One more thought…  Being relevant isn’t about "dumbing down" or watering down the message.  (Jesus proved this.)  In fact

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