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May 26, 2006


Here’s a link to a video we did for the last weekend of our "simple" series.  The shoot was done on location at The Farnsworth House in Plano, IL. 

This house was incredible!  And the fact that they gave us private access to do the video shoot was HUGE. 

Check out the video here. (Quicktime 30MB)

6 Responses to “simple video”

  1. Terry Storch says:

    Cool video, and a great house! I hope the series was simply as success.

  2. Sweet. I decompressed just watching the video…
    Can’t help but think of the Calvin & Hobbes Cartoon That goes like this:
    Mom: Sometimes I think that we have too much… that we’ve accepted too many demands.
    Dad: Well, Thoreau says, “Simplify, simplify.” Maybe we need to do that.
    Mom: But how?
    Calvin walks by and they stop talking and stare at him.
    Calvin (turning to the “camera”): …I hate it when they look at me like that!

  3. chris g says:

    nice. dig the vid, content and production.
    you cant walk around that house naked though, what up with that?

  4. BMAC says:

    Scott, Wow great video and love the house too, but man you need to grow the stash back man!
    Luv ya buddy!

  5. Los says:

    Hey Scott. I frequent your blog often. What program did they use for the font in the video? Was it Motion and Final Cut. Or just fFinal Cut.

  6. Scott,
    I read your blog with interest from both an educational perspective and from a church perspective.
    From a small church in Canada, we use video quite a bit and i certainly get ideas from the stuff you’re doing. thanks for sharing.
    I recently posted a video a friend of ours created for School on the Good Samaritan. Have a look and I think you’ll appreciate it.

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