Scott Hodge



Apr 2, 2008


13 Responses to “Sin.”

  1. Sherry says:

    How does Homer say that….ahhh donuts

  2. Kevin says:

    Did you eat it or just take it’s picture?

  3. Scott T says:

    No, no. One is not a sin.
    It’s numbers 8-12 that I think might push me into gluttony territory.

  4. Henry Judy says:

    Get a cold glass of milk and stick donut in microwave for 8 seconds and you have turned sin into heaven!

  5. reuben says:

    mmmmm continental breakfast.

  6. David Morris says:

    Oh, my!!!! Bring it on.

  7. Clay says:

    That’s not a sin. I’m from the south. A sin is a hot dozen glazed Krispy Kremes and a quart of chocolate milk! Thank God for grace and elastic!

  8. Pete Wilson says:

    Why do you want to do that to me!

  9. Brad Ruggles says:

    So what kind of penance did you have to do after you ate that?
    Brad Ruggles

  10. Unfortunately, I can identify that as an Old Fashioned Donut from Starbucks.

  11. djchuang says:

    that’s one of my top favorite donuts!

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