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Sitting in the Dentist Chair

Dec 13, 2006


Having a root canal right now.  Call the prayer chain… 

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6 Responses to “Sitting in the Dentist Chair”

  1. Amber Cox says:

    It’s posts like this that make blogging one of my favorite things. I get to do life with friends I’ve never even met!
    Hope your root canal is going well :o )

  2. angie says:

    Oh so Amanda didn’t make you wait this time until your face was infected with green goo????

  3. patrick says:

    It looks like you have a cavity on #18 too! And you should get your wisdom teeth out too. Good luck with the root canal!

  4. Must be all those sugary drinks from Starbucks. I am pretty sure Caribou doesn’t cause cavities.

  5. Scott Pollard says:

    The most painful part of my last root canal was the extraction process…You know the part where you pull your checkbook out of your pocket and suddenly realize that maybe you should have chosen dentistry as your career. :)

  6. anne jackson says:

    I wish I could have blogged during my cholecystectomy. Dang.

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