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Mar 27, 2006

Thanks David Russell for sharing the link to the 15 Best Skylines in the World at  I was glad to see that Chicago was #2! 


(photo courtesy of Chicago Snapshot )

There is something about big cities that just fire me up.  I remember as a kid, while doing quite a bit of travelling with my family, the feeling that I would get when we would drive into a major city and see the skyline off in the distance.  I loved it, and still do!

Even though Minneapolis isn’t nearly as large as Chicago or NYC, I was always impressed with its skyline.  For the nine years that I lived there I always enjoyed driving north into the city off of 35W and getting a beautiful glimpse of the downtown skyline.  I especially loved the Wells Fargo Center (the building with the orange lighting…)  Here’s a night shot of Minneapolis:


(photo courtesy of

What is your favorite skyline?

16 Responses to “Skylines”

  1. I’m biased from living there six years, but I love the look of the Cincinnati skyline, particularly when driving north from Northern Kentucky on I-75. You reach what the locals call “the cut in the hill” and the skyline spreads out like a panorama, just across the river. At once you can see the entire downtown, both stadiums and (what was the) Firstar Center. Ahhhhh. I’ll I need now is some Skyline Chili. :)

  2. Bob Franquiz says:

    I shouldn’t be able to say this because I live here, but I love the Miami skyline. There’s nothing like it on a beautiful day when there’s not a cloud in the sky and you’re on your way to South Beach for the day. Awesome!
    I love the Boston skyline also… mostly because it reminds me of home.

  3. tony morgan says:

    I’m really fond of the Granger, Indiana skyline. There’s nothing like driving past the strip mall on State Road 23 and seeing the rows and rows of houses that look just alike rising above the the rows and rows of corn.

  4. David W says:

    Dallas has my favorite skyline. I really like the Reunion tower or as we used to call it the giant dandilion. My least favorit is Phoenix’s skyline or lack there of. I love the city but geez. You have to practically get a letter written by the hand of God to get a building taller than 10 stories here.

  5. Jonathan says:

    Dang it, Tony took mine.

  6. Tyler Page says:

    I use to live in Memphis and I think it’s really cool when you come to Tennessee from the bridge in Arkansas at night you can see the Pyramid. There is a little picture of it in the top right corner at

  7. Don’t forget Seattle. One of the best skylines at night. During the day you have the water and Mr Rainier.

  8. phill says:

    That stunk!
    I am about to spend buko (is that a word?) bucks on 1340

  9. Not so much a skyline… but I love coming across the pensacola beach bridge at night… man, this is the promised land.

  10. Jerry says:

    I really like Oklahoma City’s skyline driving thru it on I-40 but over all Houston really has one of the greatest!

  11. Earl says:

    Hey Scott, I’m down in Carlinville today…. Now there is a skyline!!!!!

  12. Dane Edwards says:

    You have never seen anything like the skyline of Bejing, China. It is literally endless skyscrapers as far as you can see. I was stunned and amazed! I guess it takes that to house 20,000,000 people… It is worth the trip.

  13. Michelle says:

    Nashville has a great skyline with the Batman building (old SBC building and soon to be Nissan Building)

  14. Chris Cree says:

    I’m a big fan of Jacksonville, FL. The river, the bridges, lots of memories. Good Stuff.

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