Scott Hodge


Jun 19, 2008


It's estimated that there are 27 MILLION slaves around the world – INCLUDING right here in the US. 

Here's an interactive map designed to show places around the world where human trafficking and slavery have been reported.  It's from our friends at Not For Sale

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  1. Kevin Bales says:

    Scott, thanks for putting this up. If you’d like the details of slavery in America visit our website: – two things there would be of interest, first is our new film Dreams Die Hard about slavery in the USA – it just won the Grand Prize at the Telluride Film Festival. Second is the report we were asked to prepare for the UN on slavery in America, it is called Hidden Slaves and gives you the precise numbers, locations, and stories. Preview of coming attraction: next year there will be a book called The Slave Next Door – which is the deepest analysis of slavery in the US ever.
    (btw the 27 million estimate comes from my book Disposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy, also available on the website along with the Emmy and Peabody winning film that was based on it)
    Warm wishes
    Kevin Bales

  2. Joni says:

    I am so sheltered. And speechless.

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