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Sometimes Starbucks just doesn’t cut it…

Mar 9, 2007


Yep.  That’s me with a Jamba Juice in STARBUCKS.

I feel sort of guilty about this and was even harassed by one of the employees for it; but my voice is virtually GONE, so I’m trying whatever I can get my hands on to get better before Sunday! 

And check out what’s packed inside this baby!

A mighty mix of a

8 Responses to “Sometimes Starbucks just doesn’t cut it…”

  1. chris g says:

    voice gone too bro. gone.

  2. you stink! I have a cold thing (going around) and voice almost gone as well… we have Starbucks here but not Jamba… I miss me some Jamba! I did have a Coldbuster last weekend when I was in Dallas.

  3. Bekah says:

    We went to Navy Pier yesterday and I got a smoothie at Ben & Jerry’s that made my throat feel super good! It was a tropical thingie called Life’s a Beach. LOL!!!! Fun to order!

  4. Ken Pierpont says:

    More, more about Jesus. Less about Starbucks…. :)

  5. Someday, your going to regret that you said that…lol
    (your header)

  6. heather says:

    Mmm. that sounds yummy. ever try the wheat grass shots? They always give me stomach aches b/c they’re so concentrated but I hear they’re good for you too!

  7. doug says:

    I like some tea & honey, with a shot of whiskey.
    You should ask about the clove of Garlic that my wife ate the night before her first sunday on stage at The Orchard.
    It worked!……
    but she slept in another room….

  8. Jenni says:

    watch out…jamba juice is as EQUALLY addicting as Starbucks (I’m willing to defend that statement) and because it’s healthy you won’t have any excuses. signed, an addict

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