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Sprinting From Nextel

Jun 30, 2006

I’ve had it with Nextel.  Dropped calls. Blackberry emails not being delivered.  Text messages always at least one day late.  Horrible phone quality.  To be honest, I’m surprised my phone hasn’t found its way out my car window yet (maybe today…).   
So it’s time for a change. 

I’ve been using the Blackberry 7100i through Nextel for several months now and have been very disappointed.  Not sure what to go with now, but I need something that can RELIABLY handle email, calendar, etc…  It also needs to be able to sync with a Mac (currently using Entourage, which is the Microsoft’s Mac version of Outlook.)   

Considering: Motorola Q, some other Blackberry through a different provider, Palm Treo, T-Mobile SDA or MDA or ADD (kidding…) 

Please help!  Any suggestions? 

18 Responses to “Sprinting From Nextel”

  1. Chuck M says:

    I am glad I am not the only one suffering from my blackberry. Feel your pain.Honestly I held the “Q” yesterday at Best Buy and I was impressed. Don’t know about Mac synergy but it was nice. Can’t go wrong with the Treo either. Let me know which way you go.

  2. David Wegley says:

    I currently have a Treo 650 through Cingular and it works great. I am using Goodlink software for mail delivery. Goodlink is used as an Exchange conduit. Not sure what you are using as your email delivery system currently (POP mail?). You will probably need something like Missing Sync if you get any kind of Windows Pocket PC/Windows Mobile devices.

  3. Misty says:

    I’m also finally taking the step of leaving Nextel. I haven

  4. kenny says:

    I’ll tell you exactly what Nextel’s problem is… they allowed themsleves to be bought by Sprint – the worst telecommunications company in the USA. Worst in cell service. Worst in customer service. Cingular/AT&T is a close second to Sprint/Nextel. Come to the dark side. Come to Verizon. Can you hear me now?

  5. Jonathan says:

    Verizon, baby.
    Drink the kool-aid.

  6. Scott,
    I love my T-Mobile SDA. I haven’t tried to sync it with Entourage, because I sync both of them with our Exchange server. I know there are apps out there that can sync with Entourage, but from my experience, the one thing you might lose is the ability to sync tasks.
    I assume you are a HotSpot subscriber since you post from Starbucks sometimes. If you have T-Mobile phone service, you can pay $30 for total internet, which includes unlimited HotSpot use, unlimited data on your phone, and the ability to use your phone as a modem for your laptop and connect from anywhere.
    I posted a few thoughts on my SDA here:

  7. Pete says:

    I have a treo 650 and mac combo and I moved from Nextel over to Sprint ( which really isn’t moving but…) Sprints customer service is pitiful but the phone and mac combo has worked pretty much flawlessly in my area. As long as I don’t have to deal with them, I’ve been good. Your milage may very. The only other drawback for me was/is the Treo doesn’t have push email.

  8. Keith says:

    TMobile SDA all the way baby. Signal reception is unblievable, and for $30 bucks a month, I have unlimited data anywhere, especially in Starbtt myucks, since all of them are TMobile Hot Spots. Just 2 cents from a worship pastor.

  9. Keith says:

    I meant to say “starbucks”. Trying to type and feed a baby at the same time is tricky :-)

  10. Chris Baker says:

    Cingular. I have been super impressed with the coverage…then again maybe its my phone (Razr) that helps.

  11. Kerry Snyder says:

    One letter will say it all…Q. I love mine, absolutely love it. I have service through verizon, but the Q itself is a gift from above. I am still stuck in the dark ages of the PC (haven’t been able to afford the switch yet) but the Q is unbelieveable. Full Outlook capabilities, Web, Wireless, Bluetooth, Mp3 player, GPS… Haven’t had a single problem with it and I have fallen madly in love with it. Do it, Do it.

  12. Scott – just bought a Treo 600 for peanuts and it syncs effortlessly with iCal and Address Book. Mark/Space makes a neat conduit for Entourage (although I’d encourage you to throw that the way of the Blackberry). I’ve had good luck with Mark/Space products.

  13. BW says:

    I’ve had the T-Mobile MDA for about 3 months now, and it rocks. Windows mobile, synchs with Exchange, internet access that I could actually use as a dial-up connection for my laptop if needed (I’ve done it), wifi speed, bluetooth, and all on the heels of my BB 7100t, which died after about a year of use.

  14. chris g says:

    suggestion: cingular 8125 good stuff. i synch w/ my mac (ical, google cal).

  15. pedro Garcia says:

    Sprint Treo 650 and Powerbook have worked perfectly for me. I have had the 650 for a year and a half. I heard they came out with the 700. Might want to look into that…

  16. Elmer says:

    Here is the link for compatible phones with isync on the Mac.
    There may be other 3rd party software packages for other support as well…

  17. Hey man I was on the Crackberry forever and switched from T-mobile to Sprint and Mac all at once. Anyway, due to the difficulty syncing Mac with Crackberry I switched to Treo 600 and was on it for a year and upgraded to a 650 which is awesome. It syncs to my powerbook through bluetooth and can be set up to pull e-mail as you want it to! For instance every minute to every five hours! I like it better than push cause I set mine to stop pulling e-mail after 6:00PM so I am not bothered till it starts again at 7:00 AM! Anyway I love the Treo 650 over Crackberry anyday of the week it has everything you could want including a pretty nice camera and camcorder built in, mp3 player, and great web graphics as well(I periodically blog from it). So, there ya go my 2 cents:-)

  18. joe says:

    can anybody tell me how to connect blackberry nextel 7100i with my laptop. thanks

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