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Starbucks 2.0

Jun 10, 2006

For the most part, I’ve come to expect that every Starbucks in the US will pretty much look and feel the same – no matter where I’m at. 

For example, in the last month I have been to New York City, Washington DC and Los Angeles.  And guess what?  All the same. (With the exception of some Chicago & NYC locations that had local art on display.) That’s just the way it is.  And since I really enjoy their coffee, that’s ok!

BUT! I was thrilled when I noticed a new Starbucks (stand alone) in Oswego, IL today that had an entirely new interior design concept.  The decor was bright with a very modern/eclectic feel.  It felt nice.  And different.  And fresh.

I’m really glad to see this and am curious as to whether or not Starbucks will be renovating all of their "older" stores to this new look? 

Any Starbucks "in the know" people out there who might be able to answer that? 

Here are a few pics… (click for larger versions) 

Sbux1 Sbux2_1


Sbux3_2 Sbux11

12 Responses to “Starbucks 2.0”

  1. Terri G says:

    Well I must say that in Athens, Greece the Starbucks was a unique one. But in Thessaloniki, Greece it was the same as the old ones.
    Who knows what Starbucks is thinking now!?
    It’s interesting to find Starbucks on my side of the planet. I rejoice when I do find one! :)

  2. Terri G says:

    Well, I was in Athens, Greece last week and out of the 42 there are there I only found 1. It was not your typical Starbucks either. It was 2 levels, different kind of tables & furniture, etc.
    However, I landed in the Starbucks in Thessaloniki, Greece and it was just like the ones in good ‘ol USA!
    Needless to say, it was a relief to find Starbucks in my part of the world. I was a VERY happy camper.
    As I travel around Europe the next few years I’ll keep you posted on the Starbucks here! :)

  3. Jonathan says:

    So… did people give you weird looks for taking pictures of empty Starbucks furniture? :)

  4. Bob Franquiz says:

    There’s one in South Beach that has the same feel and look…

  5. Dusty Leggs says:

    I was a shift manager at the starbizzle here in Panama City and from what I understand Corporate decides which store has which look … and as much as I LOVE the coffee I prefer the vibe of the mom and pops coffee shops.

  6. Perry says:

    That’s IT!!! May locusts eat your crops! May the coffee turn bitter in your cup! May your tires go flat! May your cat die!!!!

  7. jamey says:

    funny scott, that looks like a starbucks in the bloomington area in minnesota.

  8. Most all of the Starbucks here in the Denver metro area are pretty standard. The decor is all pretty much the same. What is different is the little things, that the staff does to make their store a bit more personal and geared towards the neighbourhood or community that the store is in. Could it be that the new store you saw is a franchise store and not a company store?

  9. Starbucks help.

    A little assistance for my good friend Scott Hodge, on his Starbucks

  10. Misty says:

    Oh I love the look, I’m thinking I might just have to drive over there this weekend to get a drink. I really wish our location on Orchard was like this but that location is too small for all of this!

  11. Emma says:

    That looks like such a refreshing change from the usual Starbucks environment.

  12. heather says:

    yah that’s the downside of corporate stores. Although, I think they have their reasons for all of them looking the same–as to what those reasons may be, I’m not sure… but yah, I love the look of this one! I love the collage of words on that RED wall! Very fun:) BTW, did you go to the FREE Sampling of the new tangerine/pomegranate drinks? I didn’t see a post on here about it hehe.

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