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Starbucks in Sheffield, England

Jan 23, 2006


Thought this was cool…  It’s a walking tour to Starbucks in Sheffield (UK) courtesy of someone named Rachel who was linked on Alex McManus’ blog

I love the character and history seen in these pictures!  I especially love the character of this Starbucks!  Depresses me when I think of the Starbucks across from my home in a #!&*! strip mall.

Don’t get me started…

Link to Rachel’s tour

5 Responses to “Starbucks in Sheffield, England”

  1. Where’s the little circle logo sign on these? Maybe the building code or local laws prevent such thing hanging out from the buildings?

  2. It’s good to know you can get crappy coffee in england.

  3. No Strip Mall here, but the closest Starbucks is in the local Safeway.

  4. Sam. says:

    There is a circle logo sign but it hangs from inside the window. (If you squint hard enough you can just about see it in the left hand window!)
    PS Rachel is my wife, hence my knowing about this Starbucks!

  5. alex mcmanus says:

    scott, thanks for the link. i’m following VOX bloggers from around the world on their walks to Starbucks or alternative coffee house.
    have some more coming up.

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